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Protecting Your Business During a Pandemic

  • Posted: 25 August, 2020

Trying to protect your business during a pandemic can be a daunting task. With COVID-19 being an asymptomatic and symptomatic virus, it can be hard to control what happens to your enterprise and everyone involved. In this article, we will discuss ways you can keep your business safe during the pandemic.  

Follow CDC Regulations 

The CDC has an abundance of information on business procedures during COVID-19. The CDC’s main job is to protect and support communities from diseases, therefore it is imperative to check their recommendations for keeping your enterprise safe and healthy. A few regulations include disinfecting surfaces, implementing social distancing, washing hands frequently, controlling measures to reduce exposures, improving building ventilation, and respectfully conducting daily health assessments on employees. For more suggestions, visit the CDC’s website.   

Use PPE 

PPE comes in many forms; standing for “Personal Protective Equipment”, it includes masks, gloves, hand sanitizers, body coverings, and much more. In a regular business setting, you may not see much of this. However, it is important to follow mask laws and protect your business from the spread of the virus by using PPE. Facial coverings should be worn within the enterprise and gloves should be used when handling foods. Be sure to promote the use of hand sanitizers within your company and include customers in this practice. If you are need of PPE for your business, contact us at 844 (299)-7233 to learn more about the PPE products we source. 

Prepare for Emergency Shutdowns 

With the number of new COVID cases fluctuating, it’s hard to tell when another emergency shutdown may occur. Having a plan to keep your business afloat is possibly the most important thing you can do during a pandemic. How will you keep your business running without it being physically open? Implementing possible work-from-home strategies is a great solution to this. However, not all enterprises can do this. Looking into federal relief, especially if you are a small business, is the next step if remote work is not feasible. In any case, make sure you are keeping your company established by keeping a plan. 

Integrate COVID Technologies 

There are many different anti-COVID security systems making their appearance since the start of the pandemic. While thermometers have been a solution to protecting businesses from symptomatic persons, it often is not the most effective solution and requires putting an extra employee at risk. With touchless access control or body temperature readers, you can prevent fever induced individuals from entering your enterprise- without putting an employee on the line. Altogether, keeping staff and customers safe and healthy. To learn more about these technologies, email makayla.robidoux@rantsolutions.com. 

Keep Employees Informed 

It is important that everyone involved within your company knows regulations and plans regarding COVID-19. Make sure employees are following safety requirements, such as wearing facial coverings, washing hands, and staying home when sick. In emergency situations, keeping them informed of shutdowns and updated with plans is necessary. Respectfully conduct routine health checks and keep staff informed of any cases within the enterprise. 

In conclusion, you can keep your business safe during a pandemic by following these simple steps. COVID-19 has proved itself to be challenging- but you can stay proactive by staying persistent in your efforts. 

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